Moral Authority Disclaimer

I may in my writing here assume a tone of certainty, of authority. I may presume a certain authority in my assertions and opinions. Such assumptions and presumptions arise out of ignorance, out of pride, and out of chaos.

I have been incredibly, chronically, terminally wrong over my course of a half-century. A lot of people who know me say I’m smart. But, because they know me, they don’t listen to my views.

I have been wrong. So wrong, so often. If I ever voted for a winner, I later realized I was wrong. I don’t take voluminous notes, keep journals, or compile citations, so I frequently mix up facts. In addition to being whatever form of retardation I am, I also make tons of regular mistakes.

Authorial Authority General Disclaimer

I am not an expert, master, or authority on any topic. All words expressed on this website are merely the opinion of a cursed ape-like creature lacking decent brains. Do not mistake vile, cretinous drivel for professional advice on any matter published by me, a sovereign individual writing as dburst on

Furthermore, and more to the point, my record of moral conduct is worthy of condemnation. This is called being a sinner. One could say, “Well, I’m not as bad as the worst.” But I am no better than most. I have been a liar and worse.

I have lamented that I am pre-canceled, a way of saying my reputation precedes me in infamy. Where it does not, I anticipate that it will.

I ask for God’s forgiveness. It seems like only divine forgiveness will allow me to forgive myself. And I try now to live better, more righteously. I have to admit I’m not very good at it.

Moral Authority Disclaimer

Though I seek to write only the truth, I am fallen and my words are inevitably corrupted by sin. I can’t tell you what is right.

Only God can.