The Covid Con

I mention in my very first entry that inspiration to begin arose in large part out of concern around the issue of disinformation, misinformation, fake news, whatever useful label for lies we select, propagated at every level of media output — especially and most alarmingly among sources often referred to as “mainstream media” (MSM).

I might spend a lot of words and time examining just this introductory concept — that MSM sources traffic in lies, to the extent that they do so, which sources these are, who they influence, and why they do it — but that tack would set my present purpose adrift. Just for the sake of some clarity moving forward to my topic, I will establish that I mean by MSM to include every publisher of “news,” “analysis,” and “opinion” domestic and foreign, public and private and academic, ordinarily named as such: newspapers and magazines, “non-fiction” books, broadcast and cable, and radio, and the online outlets directly or indirectly representing them.

My original concerns about MSM lies covered three main areas: 1) the subversion of Constitutional rule-of-law and rise of authoritarianism in the United States; 2) the fraudulent 2020 US presidential election; and 3), the unfortunate coronavirus pandemic hoax known as Covid-19 (SARS Cov-2), its alleged variants, and the so-called vaccines deployed to “defeat” it. While my consternation over the first two areas of concern remain pointed and present in my mind, they have receded as the imposition of vaccine mandates rise to the fore of public discourse.

No other topic I can name is currently as existentially compelling as the idea that the state — in this case, the US government and its subsidiary institutions — seeks to coerce sovereign individuals to concede to an injection of untested, undisclosed, and potentially if not obviously toxic substances, ostensibly to prevent contraction of a dubiously documented disease, all in the name of “public health.” Everything else I have mentioned — stolen elections that prop up tyranny supported by state-sponsored MSM propaganda — seems to fall away as merely the backdrop for what appears to me to be a worldwide enslavement and eugenics agenda.

In respect to what I call (for simplicity’s sake) covid, I divide my discussion into three main sections for consideration: 1) the “virus” called SARS-Cov-2; 2) testing methodologies and results; and 3) the supposed vaccines allegedly created to combat covid sickness.

I currently have more questions than answers about these subjects. This treatment will not be written in any sort of academically journalistic format. I have listed many of my sources here.

Since this post deals with my observations and opinions on medical matters, I must also mention and refer to my Medical Advice Disclaimer. I aint your doctor.

I encourage the intrepid reader who may know of sources that either elucidate or refute what I write here, for purposes of better understanding, to contact me directly.

Asymptomatic Dread

The basic MSM narrative about SARS-Cov-2 is that it is a novel virus of the coronavirus variety — the same type as the common cold (differentiated from other well-known types, such as influenza or rotavirus) — first appearing in the Chinese city of Wuhan as a virulent pathogen that created a powerful sickness called “covid-19.” Covid infections seemed to spread quickly from Wuhan. Scenes of citizens collapsing, disinfectant crews in hazmat suits and the rapid construction of emergency facilities in Wuhan combined with alarming rumors of mass death in northern Italy and quarantined cruise ships to trigger (or justify) a chain reaction of desperate lock down measures by governing authorities around the world.

The origin of the SARS-Cov-2 pathogen remains a matter of conjecture. The earliest MSM story was that a novel virus (meaning one never encountered by humans), had been contracted at a “wet market” in Wuhan by jumping from a wild animal to a person — similar to “bird flu” scenarios propagated by the media regarding previous outbreaks. Late in January 2020 I already knew about the now infamous Wuhan Institute of Virology where many suggest the virus was either cultivated or created and subsequently either escaped or was released. I also already knew about rumors of two workers from that lab who were infected in October 2019, and Chinese doctors who disappeared after raising alarms late that year. The latest news speculates that the initial covid vector may have been the 2019 Military World Games, held in Wuhan, also in October.

How I First Learned About Covid

Late in January of 2020, very early in the news cycle, I was alerted to the emergence of a possible new, virulent contagion in Wuhan, China. This information came to me via a video on YouTube fed to me by the site’s home page algorithm (an algorithm informed, as we know it to be, by my viewing history and user data). At that time the video was a week or so old, from a channel which I had never visited before called Peak Prosperity and hosted by Chris Martenson, whom I had never heard of before. Days after that the story was picked up by independent YouTube commentator Tim Pool. (I had been following Pool quite closely since his appearance with Twitter’s Jack Dorsey on Joe Rogan’s podcast.)

Martenson’s common refrain of “everybody wear a mask” seemed so reasonable and scientific, and I thought I was way ahead of the news cycle. Based on his daily updates I became convinced that covid was already in our city. In March 2020 I was one of the only dudes you might see walking around wearing a mask.

By July serious questions had been raised to challenge the veracity of the ominous “asymptomatic spread” concept first promoted to me by Martenson. That alone was enough to get me questioning the covid narrative, but I also noticed that bodies were not piling up the way we feared they would, like in Camus’ The Plague. I stopped listening to Martenson, but I don’t know if or when his script flipped.

For the record, I no longer use YouTube, I gave up on Rogan and I don’t watch Pool anymore. Specifically, I gave up on Pool after he shilled like a trained MSM monkey for the “safe and effective” covid vaccine media script.

Reportedly, the principle properties of the covid infection that make it so transmissible and dangerous were described as follows:

  1. A “novel” virus has never been encountered in the human population and therefore humans have no natural immunity to it
  2. Vectors of covid contagion are numerous, including via aerosol, surfaces, fluids, and aerosolized droplets
  3. Asymptomatic spread — covid-infected people can be infectious to others without presenting any outwardly appearing symptoms for at least two weeks
  4. A high R naught value means covid reproduction rate makes it highly virulent
  5. Acute, long-term symptoms associated with infections — a narrative that suggested infected people can be sick with many strange, strong, and even untreatable symptoms, including lifelong illness
  6. High fatality rate — covid sickness hyped up as significantly more deadly than the flu

The first problem with this list of deadly covid properties had reached me by July of 2020, when questions about so-called asymptomatic spread arose, most notably from statements and reports issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) and US Center for Disease Control (CDC). These midsummer reports threw the lynch-pin element of asymptomatic spread into question, causing those organizations and MSM outlets to spin into a flurry of backtracking and “clarifying” statements that only served to exacerbate chaos around the topic. Largely unreported, this glitch has escaped popular notice.

If asymptomatic spread is not truly a component of the covid danger, then all policy-driven covid solutions implemented by authorities around the world are fully nonsensical. Frequent “testing.” Social distancing. Lock downs. Masks. Contact tracing. All measures are based on the frightening assertion that people could be infected without symptoms anywhere and everywhere, spreading infections for weeks at a time without knowing, ignorantly casting germs by land, air, and sea. If this isn’t true, then the whole scare is based on a false premise.

In light of this possibility that asymptomatic spread is not a factor, my question at that point was, “What are we doing?” I think I get it now, but that’s a different discussion.

Hoax Chumped

Nearly concurrent with the collapse of certainty around asymptomatic spread were questions about which vectors were actually viable for spreading the virus. A virus that was infectious outside of its host via surfaces, air, and fluids for extended time periods was indeed a terrifying prospect. Almost none of it was true. After being told the virus could live for days on cardboard we learn that it can not. The narrative about surfaces went from nearly any surface for up to three days to zero surfaces at all. The terror of floating clouds of aerosolized pathogens in public parks is destroyed when reminded that regular ultraviolet light instantly kills a coronavirus (like most, if not all, viruses). Ultimately we are left with the problem of quasi-aerosolized droplets, which allows authorities — ignoring the collapse of the asymptomatic spread narrative — to continue to promote the use of masks, even as such droplets easily enter through unprotected eyes.

People who yet cling to the idea of “everybody wear a mask” seem to be ignorantly caught in an uncanny loop of outdated information — or worse, they are stubbornly stuck in a web of lies.

Revealing the falsehood of notions about asymptomatic spread and viable vectors of transmission was the most elementary of issues. Soon after those dominoes fell the actual data about covid infections, illness, and deaths began to arrive. Those numbers did not live up to the fear hype I had initially worried about. Infections were not overpowering hospitals and bodies were not stacking up in alleys behind morgues.

It became clear to me that the MSM was waging an information war about covid through lies and censorship. I was already by then very aware of MSM deception, but something shifted — the deceit lost its art, became naked, vulgar, and tyrannical. Once I identified which side was pimping what narrative I realized there was a major problem and it wasn’t covid. By mid-August 2020 I had to admit I was just another hoax chump.

Germ Theory Warfare

But even at that time I had no idea how wrong I would turn out to be. As I turned away from MSM sources toward alternative outlets I discovered claims that SARS-Cov-2 has never been isolated. My subsequent research has only served to reinforce this startling assertion. Every claim to isolation of the virus seems to lead to a computer model provided by the communist-led government of China (CCP), who admits they have never isolated the virus.

My research into those claims quickly led me to complete refutations of germ theory. Germ theory is a fundamental key to much of the medical, pharmacological, and pathological “science” that informs the covid topic. Sources challenging germ theory ultimately claim that not only is there no covid pathogen, but that no virus or bacteria can spread from one person to another as illnesses. Rather, these microscopic objects emerge from the body’s cells to remove the toxins that actually cause the illness. Terrain (or cellular disease or microzymian) theory in opposition to germ theory is not something I will write about here. It is merely instructive to point out that failure to produce an isolated covid pathogen leads to suspicion of fraud, which mushrooms to include broader, more incisive questions.

I return to the notion that the the covid virus has never been isolated in a lab. This instantly means that the virus has never been truly sequenced, which might be why a CCP computer model has been provided instead. This means that whatever the health experts and authorities have been using to test for covid infections is based on a model, not an actual genetic sequence observed in a controlled laboratory process. This also means that the so-called covid variants — supposed generational mutations of the “original” covid pathogen (“Delta,” “Mu,” etc) — have not and cannot be identified at all.

In the beginning of our covid journey, those of us who where paying close attention were made to understand that there was no fast, cheap, and reliable method to test for infection. Suddenly we had the PCR test. Then we had 15-minute lateral flow or antigen tests. Both PCR and antigen tests discern the presence of target molecules in a sample of tissue taken from a test subject by application of a swab. (Antibody test does not detect current infection.)

It may be that antigen tests for covid infection are currently most prevalent in use. But since those are known to be considerably less reliable than the shaky PCR test, I think it is possible that most positive antigen tests continue to recommend a follow-up PCR test for confirmation. That’s a one-two swab punch whether the subject is sick or whole.

Widespread use of PCR tests continues despite the fact that earlier this year the CDC issued the highest level of recall for PCR testing, primarily because the test cannot reliably differentiate between covid and flu pathogens. It wasn’t the first time PCR tests were called into question. I find it noteworthy that prior to his death in August of 2019, Nobel Prize-winning PCR test inventor Kary Mullis repeatedly and publicly ridiculed the idea of using the PCR test to diagnose illness, stating that the test can find “anything in anybody.”

PCR testing returns an inexcusable rate of false positives and confuses covid with flu. It seems so obvious to me. Whether the virus even exists, or rather whether germs are a reality or not, if the testing methods do not reliably test for a part of a pathogen not yet even properly isolated and sequenced, then the whole enterprise of covid testing is a spectacle for rampant speculation. There may be more or less base motivations than money, but the covid testing industry, let alone further pharma adventurism, must be by now a rich investment.

The Killing Joke

If I had been the chump to a giant hoax, I was never fooled by the media-driven call for a vaccine miracle that would save us. In March of 2020 I heaped scorn on the idea that a vaccine could be invented and distributed in short order. I joked that Doctor McCoy was hard at work in Sick Bay aboard the USS Starship Enterprise in low-earth-orbit, dialing up the vaccine that will save humanity.

A month later Trump called the effort Operation Warp Speed. The joke was on me.

In October that year I told my family to wait a minute before getting a shot of whatever they were cooking up for us. As I have mentioned before, it is my fault that they don’t take me seriously. I was. But they didn’t.

I do not believe that a “safe and effective” covid vaccine has been produced. It was not a secret that drug developers picked something off the shelf that never worked and said, “This looks like it.” Did they fail to follow the demanding federal requirements so well known to the US public through constant reminders of the scientific wonder of vaccinations? No, they simply bypassed all safety precautions under the guise of an alleged pandemic to push the potion into bodies. There were no trials.

This is the trial.

This is the thrilling opportunity to get mRNA technology into the bodies of participants in a large-scale clinical trial so enormous that literally everyone is a part of it, whether they want to be or not. All the data will be useful, including who refuses the potion. I guess we will find out for sure whether this stuff doesn’t just kill everyone, like it did in the animal trials that were halted. The hysteria has reached such profound levels in the populace that vaccine double-hitters are looking for a booster and a bottle of daily pills, and maybe they want to switch up on the manufacturers for shits and giggles. Old. Young. Healthy. Sick. Babies. Pregnant ladies. Pets. Nothing pro-vaccine is off the table. Put it in the dead people, maybe they’ll come back to life.

Spike Punch

My understanding is that the mechanism of the covid shot is to get mRNA into the body that will cause the body’s cells to produce a spike protein such as is present on the surface of any coronavirus structure. This in turn causes an immune response that triggers spike protein-specific antibodies that supposedly defeat future covid infections.

Even though I did review publicly listed ingredients of a few covid vaccines, I did not commit them to memory. There’s definitely at least one documented poison in there. But more interesting than what they openly admit to is what they openly omit. Proprietary information — I’ll return to that soon.

Aside from listed toxins in the “vaccine” potions, my main concern in very the beginning was the whole concept of mRNA gene therapy that targets the structure and function of cell DNA. Dictionaries had to be re-written to make these covid shots fit into the previously well-understood definition of “vaccine.” Developers supposedly counted on the drug action remaining local to the general area where shot was administered, typically in the shoulder muscle. But more than one source came forward to testify that the mRNA replication quickly spreads throughout the body, even crossing the blood-brain barrier. Dead animal trials and untested gene therapy aside, one needs only a rudimentary apprehension of DNA biology to imagine that this shot might yield unintended, unforeseen, un-tested-for side effects in the short term (which haven’t yet completed) and in the long term (years away from those results).

Fast-forward a few short months from our initiation into the era of covid vaccine and new information begins to emerge. The infamous spike protein is identified as likely the primary toxic aspect of a covid infection as it proliferates throughout a body. Remember that the mRNA in the covid shots turns every cell it affects into a spike protein manufacturer. An observed vaccine side-effect seems to be the occurrence of blood clots and hemophilia simultaneously, among other circulatory and respiratory problems. In the living bodies and the cadavers of vaccinated people, spike proteins have been observed massed in the brain cells, ovaries, testicles, and all other major organs, along with an anomalously massive presence of white blood cells. Even as it seems possible that vaccinated people begin to build up a glut of toxic spike proteins in many types of cells, they also shed the spike proteins via respiration and perspiration, allegedly causing people nearby to temporarily experience symptoms. It is instructive to note that the spike protein shedding phenomenon is more substantive than anecdotal conjecture, acknowledged by Pfizer in their own documentation as a reason to shield pregnant women from their vaccine trials.

The Proprietary Punch

Within days of encountering this information more information about the “proprietary” ingredients of the covid vaccines began rolling in. The most troubling of all discoveries is that of a known toxic ingredient called graphene oxide.

As a topic, as a unique material with unique properties, as an ingredient, graphene oxide is a remarkably cryptic rabbit hole can of worms — at least two metaphorical cliches are required to describe it. While it has valuable industrial uses and may be a lucrative investment, it is also well-documented as highly toxic to humans and not suitable for medical use.

Aside from its basic toxicity, the idea about graphene oxide in covid vaccines leads to speculations about and associations with a host of anecdotal vaccine side-effect testimonies, including magnetism, conductivity, and bio-luminescence in vaccinated bodies, massive blood clots and widespread clotting (also associated with spike proteins), irregular menstruation, heart attacks and organ failure, heart conditions like myocarditis and pericarditis, sterility, paralysis and palsies, skin lesions, black-eyed newborns, miscarriages and infant deaths, and the deaths of adults and teens.

I note also that aside from graphene oxide, other metallic substances have been detected in covid vaccine samples. A recent halt to vaccinations in Japan was triggered by such a discovery. Subsequently, such microscopic metal particles have been detected in and linked to illnesses and death in vaccinated patients.

Some researchers claim that samples of covid vaccines from all major manufacturers are comprised of as much as 99% graphene oxide. Vaccine manufacturers remain silent on the issue. The way I understand this is to recognize that if graphene oxide is present in covid vaccine concoctions, it remains undisclosed as part of the proprietary ingredients — a trade secret. They won’t comment on what they won’t disclose.

However, the MSM’s disdainful lack of curiosity about this is curious indeed.

Vaccine Adverse Efficacy Revokes Safety

All fronts of the MSM, including even sources I once considered independent, now in lockstep promote the vaccine with a propaganda slogan, in unison proclaiming that the vaccine is “safe and effective.” The veracity of this phrase must be examined.

I’ve already mentioned a broad range of bad side effects, including death, that might be associated with the spike proteins generated by and/or toxins contained in the covid vaccines. Historically, mild side effects following a vaccination dose were considered uncommon but normal, while worse side effects were rare enough to be considered acceptable. The US federal government even has a reporting tool called Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) for patients and physicians to log such incidents. Since it was created in 1990 until the covid vaccines were introduced near the beginning of 2021 the VAERS data posted a cumulative total of 4,583 deaths associated with vaccinations. Since the covid vaccines, VAERS has reported 15,386 vaccine-related deaths. I admit my maths aint that hot and it bores me to tears and makes my body hurt to run numbers like this, but the same calculation of VAERS total incidents comparing the 30-year average to the last ten months yielded a similar ratio. For a system that previously recorded an average of 153 deaths a year for 30 years, 100 times that many deaths in ten months strikes me as awfully alarming.

According to my basic lay understanding of the federal systems in place to ensure the safety of medications released for use among the general populace, numbers like these should long ago have triggered a hard stop for the covid vaccine program.

The gravity of the problem is magnified when we turn to the incoming numbers about the efficacy of the covid vaccines. The ostensible purpose of any given vaccine is to prevent infection, and this was what the vaccine pushers originally claimed: that the new vaccines would prevent covid infection. However, this has now been proven to be absolutely false. And since it is so obviously not true that the vaccines stop the spread of covid, the narrative was shifted to say that the real purpose of the vaccines is to prevent illness, but that didn’t hold up either. Now the message is that the main reason everyone should be vaccinated is to lessen the severity of the dreaded covid illness, to mitigate symptoms should one contract it.

Take this logic to its conclusion:

Covid “vaccines” do not prevent vaccinated people from contracting or spreading the presumed covid pathogen, nor do they prevent them from falling ill with covid sickness. However, there may be substantial, if yet nebulously quantified, risk of life-altering adverse side effects, including death, following vaccination for covid.

The only way these “medicines” can be considered vaccines is if the definition of vaccine is re-written — which is exactly what has happened.

All of this is presented in the context that a typical “covid infection” has a 99.98 survival rate — higher than that for the vast majority of people. If there is such a covid pathogen that causes a bad illness, most people recover like they would from any seasonal type of sickness such as the common cold or the flu.

Even without any participation by the MSM and other compromised “independent” media outlets, the information I am referring to just keeps rolling in — it’s just exploding. I can hardly keep current enough to complete this entry. For example, in the public comment portion of an FDA advisory panel meeting held just days ago (September 17, 2021), a session heavy with vaccine criticism, a prominent researcher points out very clearly and with evidence of data that the covid vaccines kill more people than they save by a ratio of at least 2:1. That is the exact opposite of safe and effective.

A Big Sack of Questions vs My Two Cents

Before I wrap it all up, I’ll recap my major points. First, covid is caused by a pathogen, an alleged virus that may or may not even exist, that is no more contagious or deadly than the flu, although MSM and government sources continue to promote it as highly infectious and dangerous. Next, the entire scope of the covid “pandemic,” as reported by government agencies and MSM outlets worldwide, is based on PCR test results, a testing method that is so entirely unreliable that it is basically useless for determining any facts whatsoever. Finally, the vaccine “solution” to the covid epidemic, vouched for as “safe and effective” by the same governments and MSM, is neither safe nor effective.

I’m not sure I can logically order my questions about all of this, although many of my questions have already been raised in the body of this piece.

The question I have that is most disruptive to all narratives is obviously whether or not germ theory is a real reality. If germs do not cause any disease — and I still struggle with this idea as much as I do with refutations of it — then it follows that covid is only the latest in a long string of hoaxes in an elaborate, institutionalized, ubiquitous deception perpetrated for more than a century not just by a proverbial “elite cabal” but by countless participants throughout society. It means that the entire medical field is compromised by a fundamental falsehood. It means all vaccines and many, if not all, other medicines are likely snake oils at best — at worst, they are poisons — challenging to its very core the existence, the validity, of the highly lucrative pharmacology industry. It erases the popular understanding of infection. And of course it means that everything we associate with the covid phenomenon is baseless, from the “virus” to the “vaccines.”

However, if we disallow my absolutely devastating question of terrain theory versus germ theory, we are still left with the problem that the data about covid and the consequences of covid policy and vaccines do not match up with the narrative perpetuated by the MSM, by government agencies, by large multinational and national corporations, and by their adherents throughout the world’s societies. No matter what facts are presented, we are told that covid is the most dangerous disease and that only their vaccines will save our lives. The proponents of this narrative appear to be fully intransigent.

This leads to all manner of questions and speculations. Is covid an intentional hoax? If so, who is behind it? If not, how does the covid misunderstanding continue in the face of cascading contrary evidence? If so, why do they do it? How do they support such a massive hoax? What is the end goal? If not, how do we steer society back to sane, data-driven policy positions? And yet another set of questions can be composed around the problem of the faultiness of my own research, observations, and conclusions: maybe I am wrong.

It looks like an attack. I simply can’t un-see it. My best guess about covid, germ or not, is that it is a hoax. The purpose of this covid hoax seems to be to provide an irrefutable premise to get these new so-called vaccines into the bodies of everyone in the whole world. Whoever they are — the ones whose goal this is — they want to kill us all.