Biographical Notes & Qualifications


Does biography begin with biology? Being begins at conception — that is simply settled science. I’m endowed with XY chromosomes in my DNA and my development has generally followed a conventional XY path of expression. Draw your own conclusions.

I am more circumspect about racial heritage. Can you guess the colors and proportions of my features from the way I write? Does the shape of my nose shape my person? Does the amplitude of waves in my hair determine who I am? Is the distribution of melanin throughout my body the measure of my character? Is it obvious when you see me where my ancestors mostly arrived from — from wherever they were before? Who is “black?” How is brown differentiated from black? Is white not a color? Are “whites” actually white? What happened to yellow and red? Is brown the new red? Who decides how I identify? If I tell you am black and then you see me, will you allow it or will you deny my self-selected identity to my face? To me it’s never obvious.

In terms of my duration in this body, I belong to that tiny, unfortunate generational cohort called Gen X. At the time of this writing I’ve been stumbling around for a little over half a century. It’s starting to get old — as am I.

It can be argued that geography is intimate with biology. I was raised in landlocked western America — arid mountains and wide open spaces everywhere. Our family lived on the suburban edge of a little city out there. The weather is usually great and the region mostly insulated from typical natural disasters. I’m still here, even though I am sick of it for decades already. It is always my home, even when I’m gone.

My upbringing was of a modest middle class, traditional family modality that does not aspire to affluent opulence. My parents selected an evangelical fundamentalist Christian church, where I accepted Jesus into my heart and was baptized, where I took communion and where I rededicated my life to Christ. Like that church and Christianity, public school and American liberal secularism were major dynamics in play.

The decades that followed high school graduation are a litany of self-inflicted personal disasters that seem to bear no relation to my formative experience, but certainly speak to questions of competence and worthiness. I am several times a father and several times an ex-husband. I can happily report that I am single now and forever, and that my youngest child is nearly grown.


sex/gender: XY

race/ethnicity: NA

age: Gen X

place: America

factors: Traditional Family, Christianity, Church, Public School, Secularism

results so far: Kids, Divorces, Scorn

Qualifications & Disqualifications

The only significant credential I have earned is a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Before that, right after high school, I studied the Humanities at first, then later joined the creative writing program. But between those two schools, I auditioned and entered the college of music for a semester. Finally, in my early thirties, I achieved that fine arts degree at a small local college. My professional life since then seems to have somewhat validated my $70k academic investment.

My professional experience covers a wide range of creative services. Writing, editing, graphic design, illustration, website design, animation, 3D modeling, video production, audio production, events, publishing, marketing, advertising, PR — I just threw up in my mouth a little. Some of this experience is from companies I worked (and still work) for, some from freelance, and a lot from seven years as a small business owner — I just threw up a little more.

I have studied Christianity and, to much lesser degrees, western philosophy, Taosim, Buddhism, certain forms of yoga, and the occult. I may actually be a leading scholar of the writings and activities of Carlos Castaneda. I have played guitar most of my life, but I am only a guitarist in the sense that I practice Guitarism. I studied a form of Ed Parker’s Kenpo Karate for several years as a teen, and later studied Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan, and Pa Kua Chang.

Qualifications Summary

BFA Illustration

Twenty years of professional experience in creative services

Some hobbies

Disqualifications Summary

Multiple notable failures

Disgrace & infamy